Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatment - How to Start Treatment Against Woodworms?

When building and designing our homes and choosing the pieces to furnish it with, wood will always be the most popular choice for a great number of reasons. Not only does it add class and beauty to our homes, but it also usually proves to be strong enough to last us a lifetime – that is, if we properly take care of our wooden furnishings. Now, how do we care for our wood? Many factors, both physical and natural, can be detrimental to the health of our wood. There is the presence of moisture and mold, termite infestations and, possibly the most harmful, the presence of woodworms.

What exactly are woodworms?

Woodworms are the worms or larva of beetles that inhabit and make holes in our wooden products or furnishings causing them detrimental damage. They can be found in any part of our homes especially where moisture is high and wood is present like in our furniture, roofing, doors and floor boards. There are different kinds of woodworms which opt for various types of wood to infest. Usually, woodworms are found in typically damper climates and conditions and make their homes in softer woods like timber; however, there are also a number of hard wood products they infest and thrive in. When they find a damp wooden area, they make it their homes by laying their eggs and its larvae. These eventually cause the damage by burrowing and digging their way through your wood, making holes that eventually weaken the pieces. Some make smaller and shallower holes that aren’t very damaging; while others make bigger and deeper holes that can be very daunting for the strength of your wooden furnishing. There are several woodworm species commonly found in the wooden furnishings in our homes.

Since not all are harmful and damaging, it is important to really identify the kind of infestation you have before choosing a mode of action and treatment. That is why professional help is highly recommended in treating your homes. It is essential to catch the infestation at its onset to minimize the damage it causes in our homes and properties. Treating our wood products in advance can be detrimental to the health of our wood. So, how exactly do we treat our wood and protect it from possible woodworm infestations? Spot the manifestation. Pay close attention to your wood and check for holes and spots so far. Now, if you find there are, make sure the uninvited settlers are currently present and these are not spots created from previous infestations. Many times, the holes remain but the problem was previously treated. To find out if the woodworms are still currently active and burrowing through their holes, take note of the following:

These signs will tell you for certain if you need professional help to deal with your woodworm situation.

Preventing Woodworm Infestations

There are several steps to prevent woodworms from entering your homes or ever coming back. Chemical insecticides are the most commonly used woodworm treatments nowadays. They are not only highly effective but they are also inexpensive. However, they do not promise a complete cure for the problem since the dampness of your wood is not really resolved. Since woodworms thrive in damp and humid areas, keep your spaces well ventilated. Allow air to freely flow in your homes. Open your windows and make sure your wooden surfaces are dry. Invest in a timber moisture meter that would accurately indicate the level of moisture in your wooden furnishings. In the case that your wooden panels and pieces are highly infested, removing them from the unaffected wood and replacing them would be a good option to avoid further spreading. There are also ultraviolet insect killers available nowadays that attract and kill the adult beetles in your homes before they can even start breeding.

Treating Woodworm Infestations Currently Affecting Your Homes

Although there are several DIY treatments that are highly recommended, can be easily researched and followed, and are cheap alternatives as well, there is nothing like hiring a professional team of experts to deal with your woodworm infestations. It is definitely still the best option available. Our team not only properly studies and deals with your current crisis, but also provides you with the assurance that this problem won’t be back. We utilize the best equipment and treatment methods available in the market. We assure you that we treat your crisis as if it was our own and leave your space a healthier environment to live and work in. It ends up to be the most cost effective option as well in the long run because you keep your structures and furnishings healthy and your homes strong and infestation-free. If you are dealing with a woodworm infestation, get in touch with us and we will take care of your needs.